Creative Arts and Body Therapy

I believe that therapy may be more effective when there is the possiblity to bring in more of our experience than words alone allow. There is solid research in recent neuroscience to back this up.  I offer the possibility of experimenting together with creative arts, sand tray therapy, body awareness, mindfulness and focussing, work with the breath and body, for example with patterns of muscular tension and movement. Clients have found working in this way brings surprising shifts in awareness, is liberating, playful, often fun and increases self belief and effectiveness. Energy is freed up in the counselling which flows out into their wider lives.

Some therapy clients find the idea of moving beyond traditional talk therapy exciting and others are daunted, perhaps remembering school experiences where their creativity was shamed and stifled. With me, there is no pressure to perform and I am not interested in a finished product. I aim to support you with warmth and curiousity as you explore aspects of yourself that were previously outside everyday awareness.

It's also important to emphasise that working in this way is optional not enforced! Talking together is often the preferred and best option for the therapy. It will always be your choice and preferences that guide the counselling.